Regardless of how busy we all are, occasionally you just need to get in the kitchen and put your hands into something.  For me, it’s therapeutic.  Each of these recipes have been made by me many times and enjoyed by all who sample them. I don’t like overly complicated recipes, but I do like flavorful classic foods.  Occasionally, making a showstopper is fun too.  So why not blast the music, put the kettle on, and give it a go!!

AUNT MAE’S IRISH SODA BREAD – A classic Irish Soda Bread.  So quick and easy, your family will think you’re a hero!  Not just for St. Paddy’s Day … perfect any time.
BARA BRITH – Or “speckled bread” is a dense, moist, quick bread filled with dried fruits … a perfect afternoon treat with your cup of tea.
BARM BRACK – A classic Irish bread filled with dried fruits.  Traditionally served at Halloween, but to be enjoyed anytime of the year.
THE BEST CHOCOLATE ‘COURGETTE‘ BREAD – Yes, it’s zucchini bread … and the most decadently delicious, chocolaty tea bread you’ll ever have!
CRANBERRY NUT BREAD – Another classic recipe for you, not only perfect for the holidays but for all year round.  Make two and freeze one!
CRUMPETS – These are Whole Wheat, but you can make them whatever you’d like.  Hot from the griddle and slathered with butter.  Yum!
GINGERBREAD – Dense, rich and moist with all the peppery goodness of ginger.  Make two and freeze one.  You’ll be glad you did!
HOT CROSS BUNS – These buns can be traced back to the 18th century, when they were enjoyed not only at Easter, but all year long.
PANCAKES – These are more like a crepe, than the thick, American-type.  Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.  It all depends on what you fill them with.  So versatile!!
PISTACHIO CARDAMOM CAKE – Is it a cake or is it a bread?  I’ll let you decide.  But, don’t hesitate making this flavorful recipe.  Comforting and delicious!
PUMPKIN MUFFINS with CRUMB TOPPING – This quick and easy to make recipe will become one of your favorite year ’round.
WHITBY LEMON BUNS – Sweet, light, and lemony, these delicious sweet rolls are an English classic … perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea.
ZUCCHINI STREUSEL BREAD – Don’t know what to do with all those zucchini from your garden?  Here’s the perfect “go to” quick bread recipe.  Bake a few and freeze.  You won’t regret it!

CLASSIC ENGLISH SCONES – Flaky, buttery, delicious!  Make them sweet or savory … just spread with your favorite Lemon Curd or Strawberry Jam and enjoy!
LEMON LAVENDER SCONES – Light, fragrant and lemony.  You’ll love them with a quick and easy honey butter spread.
OATMEAL SCONES – The name may be uninteresting, but not the scones.  Rich, hearty and delicious.  Perfect for breakfast or tea time.
PUMPKIN SCONES – Perfect for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, a seasonal treat you’ll want to enjoy all year long.  Freeze beautifully too!

ASPARAGUS SOUPThe recipe is at the bottom of this post about my favorite veg.  A definite keeper to welcome Spring!
CUCUMBER TEA SANDWICH – You can’t have a tea party without these.  Light, delicate and oh so good.  Another easy recipe you must try!
SPLIT PEA AND HAM SOUP – This hearty soup will warm your bellies and your toes on a cold winter’s day.  Don’t hold back.  It’s not difficult to make and so-o good!

CHEESE AND ONION PASTY – One of the most popular ‘grab and go’ lunches are these cheesy hand pies.  Delicious!
Traditionally served on St. David’s Day this Welsh favorite is hearty, rich and satisfying. Take the time to make it and you’ll reap thanks from all who eat it.  
CORNISH PASTIES – For lunch, dinner or a quick snack, make up a batch of these and everyone will love this classic recipe … savory meat pies from Cornwall.
SCOTCH EGGS – Once listed on “the worst foods of Great Britain”, this portable snack has made its way back into the hearts and tummies of all.
STEAK AND MUSHROOM PIE – It’s all about the PIE in the U.K. and this one is a classic.  Treat yourself to this hearty dish.  Sooooooooo satisfying!
TOAD IN THE HOLE – Huh?  What in the world?  This is one of the great “comfort foods” in Britain. Golden brown Yorkshire pudding with hot, spicy bangers baked in a casserole.  Yum!
ZUCCHINI TOMATO GALETTE – Do you have a garden full of zucchini and tomatoes?  If so, this easy-to-make, delicious pizza-like, free-form entree is sure to please!

BAKEWELL TART – Not the mass-produced commercial tart, but a deliciously-rich almond and berry tart. Perfect for your next tea party or afternoon cuppa!
CARAMEL APPLE PIE – A seasonal favorite.  Don’t want to make pie crust, buy it at the grocery store.  Then whip this pie together in no time at all.
CHOCOLATE BROWNIE LAYER CAKE – Rich, dark and delicious and it’s so easy to make, even the kids can do it!  A great family dessert.
CHRISTMAS PUDDING – aka Plum Pudding or Figgy Pudding – This is the quintessential dessert for the holidays.  Yes, you do need to plan ahead, but it’s so worth it!
ETON MESS – With crushed meringue cookies, sweetened whipped cream and fresh, in-season strawberries, you’ll love this traditional dessert of Eton.
LEMON ZUCCHINI DRIZZLE CAKE – Not too lemony, not too sweet … just the perfect balance to go with your afternoon cuppa!
MOCK APPLE SHORTBREAD – Everyone will be shaking their heads when you tell them there are NO apples in this delicious dessert.
MOCK APPLE STRUDEL – This is a bit time consuming, but you’ll wow all your friends and family when you present this classic dessert – using NO apples!
PARKIN – An old-fashioned gingerbread-like cake, made with oats and molasses.  Traditionally served on Bonfire night, but a great winter-time treat!
PISTACHIO CARDAMOM CAKE – Is it a cake or is it a bread?  I’ll let you decide.  But, don’t hesitate making this flavorful recipe.  Comforting and delicious!
SOUR CREAM PECAN BUNDT CAKE – I love fool-proof, multi-purpose, easy-to-make recipes and this is one of them.  No special pan needed.
STICKY APPLE TOFFEE PUDDING – Have a basket of apples and need inspiration?  Make this old fashioned steamed pudding, hearty and soul satisfying.
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE – Another classic dessert, perfect for a summer day.  No strawberries?  Substitute any fruit or filling you’d like.
SUMMER PUDDING – Perfect for a warm summer day (or evening).  No baking at all.  Fruity, light and oh so yummy!  You must try this one!!
TREACLE PUDDING – Humble, old-fashioned, sweet, sticky and perfect for a cold, rainy night.
Serve with ice cream, whipped cream or custard.
VICTORIA SANDWICH vs VICTORIA SPONGEThe Queen‘s favorite tea-time treat.  But is it a cake or a sandwich?
WHOOPIE PIES – They aren’t “old” England, but they are New England …. and they are yummy!  Why not give them a try and get creative with the filling.

– Wow, that’s a mouthful and it certainly is!  You are going to want have these on hand for whenever you get that chocolate craving.
DIGESTIVE BISCUITSYes, just like the ones you buy in the grocery store.  Plain or chocolate covered, you decide.  Put the kettle on and enjoy!
ECCLES CAKES – Is it a cookie, a pastry, or a tart?  I’m not sure.  I do know, however, these classic British pastries are delicious!
‘GROWNUP’ CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES – Decadently rich and loaded with walnuts and chocolate chips.  You can’t eat just one!
LINZER TORTE COOKIES – Rich, nutty and filled with jam, these Austrian tarts are so worth the effort to make.
MADELINE’S – A classic French cookie (or shell cake), from the 18th century, served at most Afternoon Tea tables … d
Decadently rich.  This shortbread base is covered with gooey caramel filling, and then topped with milk chocolate!!  Not for low-cal diets.
PALMIERS – Puff Pastry cookies by a rather fancy name … impress family and friends with this crisp buttery confection and not difficult to make at all!
No, not British, but definitely delicious!  Make a batch and keep them on hand when you want something to go with that cuppa!

LEMON CURD – Not sure which category to put this classic, creamy, lemony goodness.  All I know is you really should make it (instead of buying it at the grocery store).  It’s so easy!
TOMATO JAM – A sweet, yet spicy spread for everything from sandwiches to cheese and crackers.  If you have a bounty of tomatoes and don’t know what to do with them, try this!

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