I’ve been very fortunate to have visited some fascinating countries … China, India, Peru, Mongolia, Egypt, Kenya, to name a few.  But the country that seems to have stolen my heart is England.  My first trip to England was in 1986.  Little did I know then that years later I would marry an Englishman and this would be the country I would visit over and over again.

The reason for my visit was to research day spas in preparation for the one that I was planning to open.  England was ahead of the curve on the full-service day spa trend, which today seems commonplace.  Not only could you have a facial, manicure and pedicure, but you could also have a massage, have your hair styled AND be served a perfectly prepared cup of tea.  That type of service didn’t exist anywhere in the U.S. at the time.

The visit proved eventful, not just for me, but for a friend who met HER future husband on our trip.  It wasn’t long before she decided England was where she wanted to be …. and she has been living there ever since.

Since then I’ve visited England (Wales and Scotland), more times than I can remember and each visit has been delightful and memorable.  With each post and each recipe that I’ve put on this site, I’ve tried to give you some information on its history and origins.  Hopefully, I’ve piqued your curiosity enough to, if not visit Great Britain, at least try to make its food.

Bath – A Fascinating City –  England’s only World Heritage City

A Medieval Inn –  in a quaint little village in the picturesque Cotswold district

From the Wine to the Whisky Trail –  a self-drive tour of Scottish distilleries

The British Food Festival –  pies from steak and stilton to pork and apple to cheese and onion

Pubs and Their Signs –  offering you a glimpse into what lies behind the door

Dollar Princesses –  American heiresses who could not find acceptance at home

Eccles Cakes – sweet patties from a small town just west of Manchester

Chocolate, The Elixir of Love –  how and where did our love for chocolate begin


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