Yes, I’ve been “practicing” making the many recipes I want to share.  I don’t want to appear as completely incompetent when posting a recipe.  I do have some pride.  I want my final product to not only taste good, but to look good too.  It doesn’t have to look professional, but it certainly has to look appetizing.

Don’t bother scrolling down or checking out the “recipe” page just yet.  Many are tried, but few are chosen!  So far my Welsh Tea Cakes, Maple Bacon Scones, Irish Soda Bread, Chicken Leak Pie, and traditional Irish Stew were absolutely delicious …… but not very pretty!

Be patient (I tell myself).  It will come together.  I’m not quite sure anyone wants to see picture after picture of ‘not so pretty’ stuff to make.  The other thing I have to become a bit more proficient at is taking pictures.  I have a simple auto-focus Olympus Stylus camera.  No close-up lens.  As a result, most things look a little fuzzy when I zoom in.  Little did I realize what a process this would be.  I love it!!

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